Developing Resilient Next Generation Cold Supply Chains

About Coldchian

A cold chain, also called temperature controlled supply chain, is a logistics system that provides series of facilities for maintaining ideal conditions for goods within a given temperature range, from the point of origin to the point of consumption, particularly used for food products. The cold food supply chain is facing uncertainties because of product perishability, increasing product variety, multiple raw material suppliers, traceability and regulatory requirements, increasing supply chain distances and thus more handling points and involvement in larger supply chain networks. This, in turn creates higher risks of food waste and increasing costs, and even damage to the health of the consumers, if the spoiled goods end up on the market. The long term vision of this research is on designing next generation resilient cold supply chains for food products by understanding the sources of risks, configuring the right logistics network and designing appropriate processes, engaging in the right alliances and partnerships, developing contingency plans against uncertainties supported by the appropriate Information and Communication Technology (ICT).